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Metro Man
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Metro Man
is Megamind's initial arch-nemesis of good (later to be replaced by Titan, although he is his arch nemesis of bad) He is another refugee from the Glaopunk quadrant of space. He arrived in a pristine, gold, egg-shaped shuttle-pod as opposed to Megamind's ratty, thrown-together, ball-shaped one, where he 'landed' (after knocking Megamind's pod off-course) under the Christmas tree of a rich couple's home.

As Metroman (his alias was never given in the movie) was growing up, he was gifted with everything he could ever want. He attended the same school as Megamind was 'permitted' to attend where he "amassed a gigantic army of soft-headed groupies" (earned his first fans, including the teacher) by using his abilities to win their favor, often at the expense of Megamind.

After Metroman 'forced' Megamind to take up villainy, and blowing a raspberry at the blue youth as he was carted off in the prison bus, he took the schoolhouse away to another (at the time undisclosed) location. Years passed and Metroman became a sensation among Metro City, earning a museum of all the times he and Megamind had battled throughout the years, complete with a giant spinning likeness of himself holding a giant gold sphere.

In one final battle against Megamind (it was, in truth, a trap for Metroman), he faked his own death in order to escape the superhero life, so he could make his own choices instead of "being who the city forced him to be". This, inadverantly, forced Megamind (after lots of "running rampant through the streets") to create "Titan" ("Tighten") to replace him. After his alleged death he retreated to his personal sanctuary, located beneath the relocated schoolhouse from his youth. Here he took up the name "Music Man" instead, purely so he could keep the logo and initials. (much to the confusion/chargin of Megamind and Roxanne).

Here he gives Megamind the advice that when evil appears, good will rise up to stop it, telling Megamind that in order to defeat Titan, he will have to become the hero himself. However at the end of the movie, he appears in the opening of the Megamind Museum.


Superhuman Strength: The exact limits of Metro Man's strength is unknown, but he is capable lifting far in excess of 100 tons.

Superhuman Stamina: He has the ability to maintain continuous physical actions for an undefined period.

Superhuman Speed: He is capable of moving, reacting, running and flying at superhuman speeds. And he can move very fast to the point where time freezes.

Superhuman Hearing: Metro Man has incredible hearing at extreme variances of sound and pitch frequency, allowing him to pick up noises from across the globe. Flight: Metro Man is capable of flying at supersonic speeds in a planetary atmosphere and at faster-than-light speeds while in space.




Self-Sufficiency: He does not need to eat or sleep (but is still capable of doing so) and doesn't require oxygen to breath.

Telescopic Vision: The ability to focus his vision to see something at a great distance, without violating the laws of physics.

Heat Vision:Metro Man can fire beams of intense heat from his eyes.

According to Megamind, he also has the power of great hair.



His costume had an M for Metro Man and Music Man. His hair is similar to Elvis Presley also his suit with the white thing on his sleeves.

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