Roxanne Ritchi, voiced by Tina Fey, is a smart, sassy reporter and one of the main characters in the movie Megamind. She is a reporter for KMCP 8 News, with short, brown hair, with bangs. Though her outfit frequently changes, she mainly wears a white, short sleeved button-up shirt, with a black belt, black heeled shoes, and a light grey,plad skirt. When reporting, she holds a black microphone with the words 'KMCP 8 NEWS'. She is revealed to be Megamind's love interest, and he frequently kidnapped her. Metro Man often rescued Roxanne from Megamind, so people thought the two of them were dating.

Tighten, otherwise known as Hal Stewart, used to have a crush on her, until he found out she had been dating Bernard the librarian (Megamind in disguise).

Official Website DescriptionEdit

"Roxanne is a smart, practical journalist and Metro Man's girlfriend. Her reported kidnappings at the hands of Megamind have become tiresome. But when her super-boyfriend is destroyed and the landscape of power in Metro City shifts, new developments in the good-versus-evil department may just become a topic worthy of writing about."


  • Not much is said about Roxanne's past, though it is mentioned that she used to come to the park with her mother when she was a child.
  • Despite public appearances and being rescued by him, she and Metro Man were never actually a couple.