"Being a hero is for losers!"-Titan

Hal Stewart a.k.a. Titan, voiced by Jonah Hill, is a superhero created by Megamind and the main antagonist of the 2010 film Megamind. He was a dorky cameraman who had a crush on Roxanne Ritchi. He wears a muscled suit with flames on it and at first appears to be a hero, but later terrorizes Metro City and captures a reporter named Roxanne Ritchi. He also likes poo and jumping around.

Titan was injected with Metro Man's anus by Megamind, after the villain became bored with his rule over Metro City and decided to create a hero. Megamind finally defeats Titan in a battle at the end of the movie.

Although conceived by Megamind as "Titan," he considered himself to be "Tighten" and spelled his name as such. Hal Stewart is the main antagonist of the film Megamind. He was enthusiastic when Megamind disguised as his space dad and told him he was to be a hero. Ironicly,he was the one to turn into a supervillain .


  • Hal Stewart's name comes from a combination of Hal Jordan and John Stewart, who were both known as the superhero Green Lantern.

He's real father is actually Michael Jordan also know as AIR JORDAN


  • I'd be watching you like a dingo watches a human baby.
  • I didn't know what flowers you like so I bought...everything